Reset. Rethink. Reopen.

And the ground floor of our cities is primed for transformation.

Repurpose and reprogram around new demands.

Revitalization: A café takes the empty space next door under its wing — and introduces a welcome expansion of local work-from-anywhere space.

Get personal and expand services IRL.

Customer Experience: A neighborhood pack-and-ship links with landlords to offer a novel range of amenities.

Build on your neighborhood’s unique sense of place.

Neighborhoods: Closing a block to automobile traffic opens it to new pedestrian uses and creates a shared “urban room.”

Nourish a spirit of openness and inclusion.

Public Space: Reinvesting in social infrastructure, like restrooms, will extend the amount of time we can be out and about, while providing access to basic amenities to all.

Engage a broader group of stakeholders and partners.

Social Responsibility: A landlord block association is formed to activate ground-floor space as a residential and public amenity.




Our sweet spot is at the intersection of place, experience, and emotion.

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Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio

Our sweet spot is at the intersection of place, experience, and emotion.

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