From Workplace to Workforce

People need to believe in what they do or they’ll move on.

Since you’re competing across geographies, prospective employees will need more than just competitive benefits and the ability to work from anywhere.

Know how & when to unplug.

Technology saved the day in 2020, proving that remote work can be efficient and fruitful. But it can’t be relied on too heavily. If used incorrectly, it can put up walls that hinder effective collaboration and can quash the informal moments that foster authentic belonging.

When planning your future workplace, it’s important to identify and prioritize the kinds of collaboration that are essential to have face-to-face. Likewise, accommodating for the social, unplanned connections is just as vital — both in your future office, and now, in a remote setting.

How are you capturing the informality of a hallway conversation, or a casual ‘hello’ in your remote workplace? How will your future office encourage and accommodate them? It’s these kinds of connections that create a shared sense of mission that’s vital to your success as a company.

If equipped properly, our homes can do a lot more.

Knowledge workers were forced to make it work in 2020, but if some employees remain remote in perpetuity, companies will need to offer holistic solutions that bring key elements of the office home.

Traditional office experiences have borrowed from the home for decades. It’s time to do the inverse, bringing office resources into our homes. Companies have seen gains in productivity in a remote setting, but only if employees — and their homes — are equipped properly.

We can also look beyond the home, encouraging employees to open their remote working experiences onto their neighborhoods as well. Neighborhoods are great tools for activity-based work — provided folks understand what’s available to them, and feel invited to be productive in a park, museum nook, or their favorite cafe.

Office life should prioritize the things we need to do together.

The primary function of your physical headquarters and offices should be re-optimized, foregrounding the activities and modes of interaction that can’t happen at home.

We don’t have all the answers. You do.

We’ll continue to share cases on how we’re helping our clients think beyond workplace to design around the human needs of their workforce. Stay tuned.



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