From Workplace to Workforce

People need to believe in what they do or they’ll move on.

Know how & when to unplug.

When planning your future workplace, it’s important to identify and prioritize the kinds of collaboration that are essential to have face-to-face. Likewise, accommodating for the social, unplanned connections is just as vital — both in your future office, and now, in a remote setting.

If equipped properly, our homes can do a lot more.

Traditional office experiences have borrowed from the home for decades. It’s time to do the inverse, bringing office resources into our homes. Companies have seen gains in productivity in a remote setting, but only if employees — and their homes — are equipped properly.

Office life should prioritize the things we need to do together.

We don’t have all the answers. You do.




Our sweet spot is at the intersection of place, experience, and emotion.

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Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio

Our sweet spot is at the intersection of place, experience, and emotion.

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